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by Lisa Bowstead, Founder

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NYC says "don't worry about the test" 
April 15, 2013

An article in today's NY Times describes the impact of this years NY State Test Prep craze on schools and students across NYC. The article wraps up with this word of perspective from Shael Polakow-Suransky, the city’s chief academic officer: 

"Statistically speaking, city officials said, people should not worry too much about falling marks because everyone is taking the same new tests. Schools, students and teachers will be judged against one another."

This is an absurd assertion!

Obviously, students and teachers at schools that prep better will score higher. It is no surprise that schools across NYC have been spending 2+ hours during each school day in test prep, offer (and mandate) after school and weekend classes, and some have completely stopped regular instruction!!

Our students have lost (never to be recovered) months of  valuable lesson time!!! Proper state-wide implementation of the new curriculum would have avoided this insanity.

Read the NY Times article: 

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