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NYC to Parents: your concerns are rubbing off on children
April 19, 2013

Yet another article in today's NY Times about  the impact of NY State's new standardized tests. 

"Ken Wagner, who oversees testing for the New York State Education Department,  ... said that he worried that parents’ concerns were rubbing off on children and hurting their confidence."

Mr. Wagner is blaming the victims! Parents want to support and protect their children. And parents are getting their signals from the schools. 

NYC has been turned upside down by these tests. Schools and teachers are on the line: student performance is directly tied to closing schools and teacher retention.  In a panic for their very survival, schools have made test prep an urgent priority.  Regular curriculum is at an all-stop across the city. 

In recent articles, NYC officials, including Shael Polakow-Suransky, the
 city’s chief academic officer, have said that they don't expect students to do well. 

Meanwhile, for the three years since the new tests were announced, most schools have taught neither the new content nor the new skills that are on these new tests.

Parents are frustrated and they are angry. Mr. Wagner doesn't want to blame parents. 
Read the NY Times article: 

Common Core Testing Spurs Outrage and Protest Among Parents