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by Lisa Bowstead, Founder

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Problems with Regents Exams
have NOT been Resolved...  
July 6, 2013

What upsets me most is the lack of coverage by major journalistic sources.  Is this problem so commonplace that it's not newsworthy? 

An article in the NY Times two weeks ago implies that the problem is just a "computer glitch," that only a small number of students were effected, and that it would soon be resolved: 

Grading Problems With Regents Exams Delay Some Diplomas

An excellent article in this week's Queens Chronicle paints a more complete picture, explaining all of the problems with grading this year's Regents Exams:  

Many Regents Exams are Still Missing

Gotham Schools has also been reporting on the situation: 

With Regents exam scores coming in, attention turns to appeals

This problem is NOT a computer glitch.

Tests have been lost and mis-graded. Good, hard-working students have received erroneously low or failing grades. We have yet to see resolution, explanation or apology from the NY State Department of Ed. 

My phone has been ringing off the hook with parents looking for answers. My only advice at this point is that ALL students should request that ALL
of their tests be regraded.