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In 2014, Teachers will grade
NY State Regents Exams
September 14, 2013

Instead of scanning NY State Regents exams into computers, a process which caused intolerable delays and errors in 2013, NYC will try a new method in 2014: "teachers will report to centralized scoring centers where all exams will be scored using traditional scoring methods -- known as paper and pencil." NYC will save money, get faster results and have fewer errors.

Wow! What a GREAT idea!!
(Extremely sarcastic enthusiasm intended!!)

Schoolbook - City to Cancel CTB/McGraw Hill's Contract Over Regents...
The Department of Education announced Friday that it will discontinue its contract with CTB/McGraw-Hill for electronic scanning and scoring of Regents exams. The new system was tried out last June and came under fire after lengthy...
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