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by Lisa Bowstead, Founder

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It doesn't make sense to test different standards than what's been taught 
January 26, 2013

It is ironic and very sad that THIS is Commissioner King's reason against reverting to the former tests!

"Some lawmakers want to revert to old exams for elementary and middle school, even though students have already switched to the Common Core exams. It doesn't make sense, King argued, for students to take tests based on different standards than what they're being taught."

Last year, all of NY State was turned upside-down because that's precisely what happened! Last year's new "Common Core" 
tests were not aligned with what our students had been taught. Implementing the new curriculum 6 weeks before the tests, rather than three years (as it shoukd have been), simply added insult to injury. 

Read the whole Article:

Looking for a ‘delay button’ on Common CoreLooking for a ‘delay button’ on    
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ALBANY—State senators told education commissioner John King on Thursday that he needs to improve New York's implementation of the rigorous Common Core standards, or they will. At a Senate Education Committee meeting,...