Professional Experience and Personal Reflections
by Lisa Bowstead, Founder

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We've been accepted to TWO great schools, how do we decide?   
March 12, 2014
I am a big proponent of choosing a "best-fit" school, rather than the "best" school.  

For those students who are lucky enough to be offered a seat in more than one choice high school, this process might help...

. . . . . . . . . . 

Pick a school and spend a WHOLE DAY as if you had decided to accept that school. For example: "on Wednesday, I will wake up and pretend that I have already accepted school X..." It is helpful if family members participate in this exercise. 
    • start working-out what your daily routine will be.
    • think about how do you feel about your decision.
    • what are you apprehensive about? 
    • what are you disappointed about? 
    • what are you happy about? 
    • talk to someone at the end of the day about all of your feelings ABOUT THIS SCHOOL ONLY (do not discuss other schools)
    • write down EVERYTHING. 
On another day, do the same for a different school. 

. . . . . . . . . . 

In most cases, students will have a distinct 
positive or negative impression by the end of each day. When you sit-down on LATER day for a follow-up compare-and-contrast debate, the decision is usually very easy. 

Since I was 15, I have made all big decisions in my life based upon one question: "which path would I regret more?" I have few regrets