Organizational Skills
and Time Management 

For students in grades 7 through 12 who want: 
  • More Time
  • Solid Grades 
  • and... (their parents off their back!)
We train our students to efficiently use: 

A Planner               
Record all tasks and events in your Planner, and it will
become a source of answers.

A Folder                    
You only need one folder.

3 Binders            
Even for classes that require a spiral or marble notebook,
three-ring binders are an essential tool for managing notes,
hand-outs, homework, projects and tests & quizzes.

Archive Binders            
You need to keep all of your papers, but you don’t need
to carry them every day. 

Only 6 students per workshop, so sign-up early. 

Lisa Bowstead’s Time Management System is inspired by the philosophies behind the popular Franklin Covey Time Management System. Lisa followed the Franklin Covey System extensively in her 10 years as Project Manager and Systems Analyst at Lehman Brothers, where the Franklin Covey System was an integral part of the corporate culture. 

Lisa has extracted the essence of the Franklin Covey System and adapted it to the tasks, goals and mindset of tweens and teens:

Notebook Management
Homework Management
Project Management 
Time Management

Students who follow Lisa’s system have more time for themselves, fewer fights with their parents and teachers, get more sleep, get better grades, and are generally happier and healthier.  

(Even Lisa’s teen-age son secretly follows the system!)

Upcoming Workshops

They say that it takes three weeks to make a habit, so each of our workshops will meet three times. The package also includes one individual follow-up session.  

We start a new series every month. 

Week 1: 
1. Set-up your new binders
2. Set-up one folder
3. Learn how to use them effectively 

Week 2:
1. Review how to maintain the notebook and folder system
2. Learn the “three rules of a happy parent”
3. Learn how to use a Daily Planner 

Week 3: 
1. Reinforce good habits
2. Set-up and learn how to use Archive Binders
3. Make a commitment to stay with the system

$300 for three weeks includes: 
  • 6 hours of small-group instruction
  • 1 hour of individual instruction
  • 3 binders with dividers
  • 6 archive binders
  • 1 folder

Individual Instruction is available. 

Homework Help 

All of the skills taught in the workshops will be reinforced daily in our Homework Help sessions. 

See more about Homework Help...