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Engaging Summer Classes 
for teens -- online

    • 10 students per class
    • sign-up by the week for up to 8 weeks
    • July 6 to August 28
    • $300/week
    • 10% discount for pre-paying 4+ weeks

Poetry Writing Workshop
from form to content
10AM - 12PM, Mon - Fri

Each week will analyze and play with different poetic structures, including sonnets, triplets, quatrains, haiku and free verse. Students will learn to PLAY with words, sounds and meaning by reading a variety of poems, and especially by writing their own. 

Jim Murphy has published 4 books of his poetry, 16 books of translations of Chinese poetry, and two memoirs. Now retired, Jim taught Math at LaGuardia HS for 22 years, where his real mission was to inspire a love of learning.

The Deleted Chapters
of US History
2PM - 4PM, Mon -Fri 
Japanese internment camps, Suffragettes, Dr Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Vietnam War, Stonewall, Harvey Milk, the oppression of Indigenous Nations, the power plays of slavery, and more.

Max Molishever is a HS History teacher with a passion for putting events in proper context. He will lead an exploration of these topics, and address the question, "Why are they NOT taught?"

Music of the People
lyrics, composition and performance
4PM - 6PM, Mon -Fri 

Music is a powerful force in every social revolution. This class will study the historic music of resistance, rebellions and wars, including the American Revolution, the Civil War, WWII, and Vietnam, as well as the music of the women's movement, civil rights, the labor movement and of LGBTQ pride.

Frank Oteri is an award-winning composer, whose work breaks down of barriers between genres. He has been the editor of NewMusicBox for 21 years, and serves on the board of several music associations.

Visual Arts Workshop
composition, color and a story
12PM - 2PM, Mon -Fri 

Visual art is as therapeutic as it is creative. Students will study the techniques of the masters through their own drawing, painting, collage, photography and video trough imitation, experimentation and having fun.

Kelsey Herrity teaches visual arts at New Voices Middle School. She is passionate about helping students open their minds and learn through play. 

Science Fiction as a Lens on Humanity
Classic TV and Movies
4PM - 6PM, Mon -Fri 

Science Fiction is a much overlooked tool for addressing social issues. Hiding in plain sight behind monsters, melodrama and campy characters, science fiction speaks to morality, responsibility and truth. We will will study and compare the use of dialogue, character dynamics, cinematography, suspense and sound as components of each story.  

From Star Trek and the Twilight Zone to Stargate and Dr Who, Lisa Bowstead has studied sci-fi TV her whole life, and loves exchanging ideas and insights.


The Specialized High School Admissions Test  

  July 6 to 31  
 August 3 to 28  

INDIVIDUALIZED instruction and test prep for rising 8th graders. Students will learn to overcome their personal weaknesses to do their best. We specialize in coaching students with test accommodations (IEP, 504 and ELL)
30 hours for $800:
  • 90 minutes of class per day
  • five days a week
  • for 4 weeks
  • all online practice tests are included
    (we have many)
Personalized Instruction:
  • 9 students per class
  • comprehensive curriculum
  • interactive lessons
  • in-class practice 
  • daily assignments will be tracked
  • partial and full practice tests, administered
    on-line, under timed test conditions 
Build Skills to Excel at ANY High School:
  • Math
  • Grammar
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Analytic Strategies
  • Study Skills
  • Critical Thinking
maybe the SHSAT will be on-line this year . . . 
or maybe it will be cancelled . . . 
but maybe it won't . . . 

. . . you have an opportunity
to move to the front of the pack


More Summer Classes: 

Test Prep
Summer Classes

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Let us know if you are interested


Our Team of experienced Teachers can support 
all subjects for grades 3 to 12:
  • Reading and writing
  • Research papers
  • Creative writing and short stories

  • US History
  • Global/World History

  • Primary School Math
  • Middle School Math
  • Algebra I & II
  • Geometry & Trigonometry
  • Pre-calculus & Calculus

  • Biology & Living Environment
  • Earth Science
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

  • French
  • Spanish

. . . and even MORE:
  • Finding a good-fit high school
  • High School admissions and essays
  • College applications and essays

  • Study skills, time management
  • English Grammar
  • Conversational French & Spanish

  • Drawing and Painting coaching
  • Music Theory and Composition

  • Playwriting and Screenwriting
  • Acting and Drama
  • Public speaking, recitation skills 


NYS Tests, grades 3-8, ELA, Math, History, Science:
CANCELLED for 2020!

Regents Exams:
Even if they are postponed or cancelled, these represent the basic curriculum, so you might as well study the material. Buy a book and keep studying. The Barron's books contain concise lessons and lots of practice. Princeton Review and Kaplan also have good books.

ACT, SAT and SAT Subject Tests:
These tests have been postponed. Check with the colleges to which you are applying to determine whether you should take them. Buy a book and set up a daily schedule for studying. We recommend the Princeton Review Book for the learning phase. Save the “Official” ACT and SAT books for timed tests under test conditions.

AP Exams:
These might be administered on-line this year. Check with the College Board and your school for more info. Meanwhile, we recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity to study: Set-up a daily schedule and get to work!

Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT):
We are gearing-up for a busy test prep season (one way or the other!!) Let us know if you are interested. We don’t recommend getting an early start on drilling for the SHSAT, but we do recommend you use the time to solidify your Grammar, Reading and Math skills.

Independant School Admissions (SSAT, ICEE, ERB, TACHS): 
These exams are likely to remain an integral part of the admissions process for private and catholic schools. If you are considering switching schools, we recommend that you prepare for strong test results. 

Our Test Prep Coaches are available 
when you are ready to get to work. . . 

How may we help you?