Quiet Work Space  

for grown-ups 
during school hours

Do you have trouble getting your work done at home? 
The Cobble Hill Think Tank has what you need!

What we have: 
  • tables and chairs 
  • wi-fi 
  • coffee & microwave
  • an office atmosphere
  • a nice garden

What we DON'T have: 
  • your family, children and pets
  • people talking loudly at the next table
  • laundry, dirty dishes and housework
  • daytime TV
  • a dress code that permits pajamas

When you work alone, it is productive and invigorating (and critical!!!) to get out of the house, even for a few hours a day. If you are having trouble working at home, 
and are tired of fighting for a comfortable seat in a cafe or library, come check out our space.