The Team
at The Cobble Hill Think Tank
We help each student develop their strengths
overcome their weaknesses and 
achieve their individual goals.

It is our experience that if we develop self-confident and self-motivated students, everything else falls into place. 

Our priorities: 
· build student confidence
· nurture a solid understanding of the academic material
· provide tools with which student will thrive and grow

We believe that there is no handicap, whether physical, financial or situational  that is an insurmountable obstacle to academic achievement. In fact, everyone on our staff has some sort of learning issue, physical disability and/or personal obstacles.  We expect our students to find a way to achieve their goals, just as each of us has: if we can achieve our goals, so can each of our students! 


Founder and Teacher
  • Math up to 10th grade
  • Test Prep: Algebra and Geometry Regents 
  • Test Prep: NYS Math and ELA
  • Test Prep: Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT)
  • Organizational Skills 
  • Coach: school choice
  • Coach: learning issues and IEPs
  • Drawing 

Darnisa Amante
Founding Teacher, emeritus
  • History (K - 12, including Regents, SAT Subject and AP)
  • Science  (K - 12, including Regents, SAT Subject and AP)
  • Test Prep: SAT (verbal) 
  • Test Prep: Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT)

  • Social Studies, History and Geography for grades 6 - 12
  • College-level History
  • Test Prep in History: Regents,
    SAT Subject Tests, AP exams 

  • Chemistry, Physics and high school level Math
  • Test Prep Regents and AP exams in Chemistry, Physics and Math

Bob Byer
Office Manager 
  • student advocate
  • champion of social justice
  • a.k.a. "coach Bob"
    • basketball
    • soccer 

All of our staff has passed a NYC Dept of Education background check
and most have been certified to teach in NYC public schools.