The Team
We help each student develop their strengths
overcome their weaknesses and 
achieve their individual goals.
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Jim Freeman 

Jim Freeman has a BA with high honors from the College of Letters at Wesleyan University; an MA in Philosophy of Religion from Columbia University; and a JD cum laude from the University of Michigan Law
Jim spent three years practicing environmental justice law at Brooklyn Legal Services in Williamsburg. 

Jim then changed gears professionally and earned a teaching certificate in Adolescent Social Studies from Pace University. He has taught classes in Social Studies, Religious Studies and Philosophy to 6th grade to through college level.

Jim has continued his environmental work as a garden coach and a volunteer garden guide at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.  Jim is an avid gardener and and an expert on orchids. He regularly lectures at  orchid societies in the New York area.

At the Cobble Hill Think Tank, Jim tutors students at the Middle and High School level in History, Geography  and Social Studies, and in the History subject tests for the Regents, AP exams and SAT Subject Tests.