Join Our Team
at The Cobble Hill Think Tank
We are always looking for 
like-minded teachers 
to join our team. 


We are currently looking for additional experts to support our students in general classwork, and in preparing for Regents and AP exams: 
  • Geometry, Algebra II, Calculus
  • Physics, Chemistry, Living Environment
  • US History, Global (World) History 
  • French, Latin
All of these jobs involve work with:
  • small classes
  • individual instruction
  • honors students
  • learning disabilities

Job Specifications:
  • Title: Teacher (part-time, after-school)
  • All instruction takes place at our Cobble Hill location
  • Classes are no more than 10 students
  • All instruction is guided by each individual student's needs
  • Hours of instruction are very flexible, within these parameters:
    3PM-9PM on school days and 9AM-9PM on weekends and holidays
  • This is NOT a summer job
  • Extent of work schedule will be determined by student registration
  • Compensation: $50/hour

  • certified teacher and/or experienced tutor (prefer both)
  • significant experience with the material and the test 
  • a demonstrated agreement with our teaching philosophy (see our website)
  • NYC DOE background check (before 1st day) 
  • experience with SETSS, Special Ed and/or learning disabilities


We are also looking for an after-school receptionist and clerical assistant
  • 3PM - 7PM, Monday through Thursday
  • Ideally someone who is familiar with local schools and/or K-12 education
  • this is a perfect job for someone who works from home, needs extra income, and/or has kids who are beginning to be autonomous
  • Compensation: $15/hour, plus at-cost tutoring services

Send inquiries and resume to: