For your convenience, we offer several options for paying: 

  1. pay electronically with Chase QuickPay, Zelle or clearXchange:
    send to

  2. send a check to our office, payable to "The Cobble Hill Think Tank"

  3. bring cash to the office (don't forget to get a receipt!)

Payments, Cancellations
and Refunds

Please complete for each student registered in our programs:


Individual Instruction: 

$60/2-hour session ($30 hour) 

Tandem Tutoring: 
$80/2-hour session ($40 hour) 
This is 2 hours of tutoring for the price of one
when two students are well matched.  

Discounts available:
Pre-pay 10 sessions, get 10% discount 
Pre-pay 5 sessions, get 5% discount


Payment is expected at the time of service.  
Please make checks payable to:

The Cobble Hill Think Tank 

We don't currently accept credit or debit cards (soon).

Some classes require pre-registration, in which case full payment is expected by the first class. 


A deposit for a class will reserve your spot. Deposits are non-refundable. 

Bounced Checks:

We are very sympathetic about this unfortunate situation, but we  must insist that you remit the full bounced amount plus $50 to cover our bank fees as soon as you are able.  

Cancellations and Missed Appointments:

We work very hard to accommodate all of our students, but we are a small business with limited resources. Please give us as much notice as you can regarding cancelling or rescheduling appointments, so that we might offer the time to other students. 

We expect payment for any appointment cancelled after 9AM of the day of the appointment. We feel that this is a generous policy, and hope that you will agree.

If your child becomes suddenly ill or injured after 9AM, please contact our office immediately.

If your child simply does not show-up, please understand that our instructor has reserved that time for your child, and will be waiting.

Missed Class Sessions:

A student may make-up the instruction time in a missed class by scheduling 1 hour of 1-on-1 ​instruction with the instructor. 


If a student pre-pays for individual sessions that he/she then cancels, the entire balance may be applied to any future sessions. If a refund is requested, any discount that has been awarded in return for the pre-payment will be forfeited, and full price for sessions that have been attended will be applied before a refund is calculated.

If a student pays up-front for a multi-session program, attends at least one session and then decides to discontinue participation, the refund will be equal to 50% of the pro-rated value of the sessions that occur after written (or e-mail) notification of the cancellation.


The Cobble Hill Think Tank will not share any personal information about our students or their families with any 3rd party without expressed, written permission. 

While we make every effort to preserve student privacy, students should  
not expect anonymity at The Cobble Hill Think Tank. Our facility is small and open and our approach to supporting our students is candid. We encourage our students to discuss (within their comfort level)  their own personal experiences, aspirations and struggles, and to connect with our other students in the exchange of information and perspective.

We have found 
the academic and social networks of our students are vast and complex. We like to help make connections that tap into those networks and weave a supportive community that extends beyond the Cobble Hill Think Tank. 

Please verify that you have read and understand our policies: