The NEW Common Core
NY State Tests (2013)

NYS Common Core Learning Standards

Citywide Instructional Expectations for 2012-13
Memo from the DOE

Common Core Shifts
Not a useful document, but it looks important. 

NYS Common Core Standards in English Language Arts and Literacy. 2013 additions to the Common Core are highlighted in yellow. attachments/nysp12cclsela.pdf

NYS Common Core Standards in Mathematics.  (additions not indicated) nysp12cclsmath.pdf

Math: detailed curriculum map by skill
NYS Grades 3-8 Mathematics Common Core Learning Standards 
Testing Program Guidance (additions not indicated)

Example of New Test Questions

4th Grade ELA
4th Grade Math
7th Grade ELA
7th Grade Math

Common Core Rubric and Scoring Turnkey 
Training for teachers and administrators

The Power-Point presentation that accompanied the full-day teacher training session for reading and scoring students responses. 



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