Family support for IEP and Special Ed services

The process of maintaining an effective IEP (Individual Education Plan) is often outside the expertise of a student's family.  We have years of experience, and can help you through the process. 

Does my child need an IEP? 

We consult with families who feel that their child might benefit from additional support services in school. An IEP diagnoses a specific learning issue, and MANDATES (by law) that the school provide appropriate services.

We can answer your questions: 
  • what is an IEP?  
  • the benefits of having an IEP
  • the down-falls of having an IEP
  • how to request an evaluation
For more information about disability services in NYC schools, see our Resources page: 

Understanding your child's IEP

A student's IEP document is dozens of pages long and is written in specific educational language. We will step you through the document and help you understand: 
  • what an IEP is and how to request an evaluation
  • what the language in your child's IEP means
  • the services that your child's IEP requires the school to provide
  • the limits of the services that the IEP provides
  •  how you should communicate with your child's school if you feel that proper services are not being provided
  • options for appeal, reimbursement and legal action (let's hope it doesn't come to this)

Attending your child's annual IEP meeting

Lisa Bowstead has attended parent-teacher conferences and IEP meetings as a teacher, as a parent and as an advocate for her students. She can attend your meetings with you and help you understand the process and your rights. There are several roles that she might take at a your meeting: 
    • remain silent and take copious notes
    • moderate the conversation so that both sides understand each other
    • act as a hot-headed advocate for your interests

College Applications 

We can help.

Stay tuned for info re: workshops and individualized coaching.