Test Preparation

Our approach to Test Prep (and to everything) is student-driven: 

We work with each student to build upon their strengths and to overcome their weaknesses. 

Test taking strategies are emphasized throughout.

Each student is coached to want to do his/her own personal best.

Practice Tests 

September through June: 
        • Sundays at 9AM 
        • Fridays after school
        • school holidays at 9AM
        • during school hours 
July & August: 
        • Fridays at 10AM
        • by appointment 

Registration required

To effectively plan your preparation for an important test, you need to know where you are starting and where you want to be. Towards this end, we offer full-length, proctored practice tests in every subject.

We offer a wide variety of practice tests, and we'll give you a detailed results report and a recommendation for next steps towards achieving your desired test score. 

  • NYS Math and ELA (grades 3 - 8)
  • Specialized HS Admissions Test (SHSAT)
  • Independent Schools Entrance Exam (ISEE / SSAT / ERB)
  • Test for Admissions to Catholic HS (TACHS)
  • NYS Regents Exams (all subjects)
  • Advanced Placement exams (all subjects)
  • ACT, SAT and SAT Subject tests
  • GED, etc. 

By appointment only. 

NY State Math and ELA Exams


for 3rd, 4th & 5th grade

Prepare for ​NY State Math and ELA Tests
​lessons are geared for 4th graders, 
but 3rd and 5th graders will also benefit

Monday ​4/2​ through Friday ​4/6​/18
8:30AM - 6:00PM

$1​5​0 per day, $​6​00 for the whole week
includes breakfast, healthy snacks and juice
​add ​$8 for lunch or bring your own

​Spend a week with experienced teachers, 
building ​skills and ​confidence​: 
​-- 4th graders will be ready to do their very best;
--​ 5th graders ​will sharpen their skills​;
-- ​​3rd graders will benefit from the no-stakes rigor;
​-- and students who might opt-out​ ​​will learn valuable skills. 

​All lessons will address the individual strengths, weaknesses 
and goals of each student. ​​We'll work hard, but we'll also 
have a lot of fun (​even during Math lessons!!).

Students are encouraged to bring questions from their recent 
classwork, HW and tests.

Math and ELA Test Prep Classes

for 7th grade

ELA: Saturdays: 10AM - 12PM 

MATH: Sundays: 10AM - 12PM 

(even during the DOE Spring Break) 

$60 per student per session

This class is intended for 7th graders who will be taking the NY State tests in April and May.

We will address test-taking and study skills, while reviewing and drilling topics and skills that will be on the tests, and and practicing lots of sample questions. Special attention will be given to topics with which students struggle most. Classes will have 2 to 10 students, with lots of individual attention.

Students are encouraged to bring questions from their recent classwork, HW and tests.

Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT)

Spring of 7th grade: Introduction to the SHSAT
Summer before 8th grade: Skill Building Camp
Fall of 8th grade: Intensive Test Prep

The SHSAT test is unique in that it is deliberately designed to be tricky and intimidating. NYC's specialized high schools are looking for students who are not deterred by this challenging test. 

Students take several practice tests. Our students are comfortable and confident when they take the SHSAT.

more details about our SHSAT Test Prep programs...


Regents Prep Classes in all Subjects

April through June

3 to 9 students

ALL Math and ELA Subjects

The format for these sessions is fun and very effective: Students will share their answers and ideas in a strictly moderated, positive and supportive environment. Quick lessons and helpful tips will supplement what students are able to teach each other. Test taking strategies will be emphasized throughout. Each student will be coached to do their own personal best.

ALL Science and History Subjects

Intensive survey of facts. Students are coached in study skills; Test taking strategies will be emphasized throughout. Each student will be coached to do their own personal best.

more details...

SAT and ACT Test Prep Class

Classes, practice and 1-on-1 coaching