SHSAT Test Preparation
The Specialized High School Admissions Test
October 2019

NYS Common Core Tests (March- May)
The 2019 SHSAT EXAM  (October) 

NYC's Specialized High Schools are looking for students who will rise to the occasion of this challenging test. The SHSAT test is deliberately designed to be tricky and intimidating. 

We can help you master this test!

Math: Learn to see past  the deliberately complex questions to the simple math behind. 

Reading: A little strategy and a lot of practice makes a big difference.

New Verbal Sections: The Scrambled Paragraphs and Logic sections have been removed and replaced with grammar questions in the form of editing sentences and passages. We are ready with new lessons and strategies, and  lots of practice material.  
We have several programs. Classes are limited to 10 students, and individualized attention is a priority. 

…and Individual Instruction is always available.

7th Grade NYS Common Core Test Prep 

ELA Exams: Apr
il 2 - 3, 2019
Math Exams:  May 1-2, 2019

The SHSAT assumes a solid foundation of 7th grade skills. Students should refine these skills by doing their very best in all of their classes, as well as the 7th grade NYS Math and ELA Common Core Tests. 

4-Week Introduction to the SHSAT

May 6 – June 3, 2019

Two sections: 
Mondays and Wednesdays, 5PM – 7PM
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5PM – 7PM
$480/whole program  (+$30 for textbook, binder and materials)

Eight 2-hour sessions cover all of the topics, as well as strategies for maximizing your score. At the end, students will be given an intensive summer assignment.

Skill-Building Summer Camp

July 8 - August 29, 2019

Monday through Thursday, 9AM – 12PM
includes practice tests on Fridays
$360/week, $1,200 for all 4 weeks
(+$30 for textbook and binder)

Each week covers a combination of Math and Verbal Topics in depth, 
and plenty of opportunity to practice. In four weeks, we cover it all. 

 Week A 
 July 8 – July 11 
  • All about the SHSAT 
  • Numbers and Operations
July 15 – July 18
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Rates, Ratios, Percents and Proportions
Week C

 July 22 – July 25
  • Grammar and Editing 
    (part I)  
  • Algebra

July 29 – Aug 1
  • Grammar and Editing 
    (part II)  
  • Geometry

 August 5 – August 8
  • All about the SHSAT 
  • Numbers and Operations

 August 12 – August 15
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Rates, Ratios, Percents and Proportions
Week C

 August 19 – August 22
  • Grammar and Editing 
  • (part I)  
  • Algebra
Week D 

August 26 – August 29
  • Grammar and Editing 
    (part II) 
  • Geometry

We offer each week twice to accommodate your busy summer schedule. 

7-Week Intensive Test Prep

September 9  – October 17, 2019

Two Sections:

Mondays and Wednesdays, 5PM – 7PM

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5

PM – 7PM

Plus Homework Review on Saturday mornings and 

Practice Tests on Fridays and Sundays (by appointment)

$900/whole program 

(+$30 for textbook and binder)

Intense, comprehensive and personalized:

        • 24 hours of class time (weekdays) 
        • 5 hours of Q&A (weekends) 
        • 4 full-length Practice Tests 
        • Textbook and Daily Homework
        • Detailed Progress Reports

Topic-Specific SHSAT Workshops

September  – October 2019

Saturdays & Sundays, 3PM to 6PM
$90 per session 
(+$30 for textbook and binder, optional)

Sign-up for the topics in which you need the most help, or sign-up for all six. 
Only 10 students per session, so sign-up early.  

Sept 7: Reading Comprehension
Sept 8: Number Operations and Proportions

Sept 14: Grammar, part I: Nouns, etc
Sept 15: Algebra

Sept 21: Grammar, part II: Verbs, etc
Sept 22: Geometry

Sept 28: Number Operations and Proportions
Sept 39: Reading Comprehension

Oct 5: Algebra
Oct 6: Grammar, part I: Nouns, etc

Oct 12: Geometry
Oct 13: Grammar, part II: Verbs, etc

The 2019 SHSAT EXAM: 

** These dates are our best estimate, based upon past years. Actual dayes are usually announced in June.** 

Saturday, Oct 19** or Sunday, Oct 20** 
    • for all current 8th grade students
Sunday, Oct 27** or Saturday Nov 2**
for all current 9th grade students
    • and for 8th and 9th grade students with special needs, IEP or 504 accommodations, or registered as English Language Learners


For more Information: 

NYC DOE Specialized High Schools Information page:

NYC DOE Specialized High Schools Student Handbook, 2017-2018

IMPORTANT: Please do not show the handbook to the students who will be taking the test this year. The two practice tests in the HANDBOOK (Form A and Form B) should be saved, to be used as proctored practice exams in mid-September and early October.