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Time sheets are to be completed by 12PM (noon) on Mondays. 

You do not need to "send" a time-sheet, just record your time. If you record your time immediately after each session, there is nothing more for you to do.

Your time for the week will be captured on Mondays, verified against our attendance records and you will be paid electronically on or before Friday. You will receive an email when we capture your time, when we have verified it, and again when we have set-up the payment.

If you have any additions or corrections after your time has been captured, you should send an email explaining the situation to: admin@ Any new information submitted after noon on Monday will be verified and paid in the following week. 

How to enter your weekly time sheet: 

Log-in screen: 
Payments will be sent to you in one of three forms:

Chase QuickPay: If you bank at Chase, just log-in on-line and set-up Chase QuickPay. The funds will be transferred directly and securely to your specified account, and are usually available immediately. 

clearXchange: If you do not bank at Chase, ask your bank if they participate in the clearXchange program (many banks do), which transfers money directly and securely to your specified account.

Bank Check: You may opt to have a bank check sent to your home via the US Postal Service. Chase indicates expected delivery in 5 to 7 days.